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... so here's the obligatory duff artwork:  rotate7
(Both of the above were sketched quickly in Xara X, but they're not much of a recommendation.
I really must get to grips with my copy of Xara Designer Pro some day.)

Features (in no particular order):

– My Wurges page

– My rubbishy software for RISC OS machines (Risc PC) and my 1991 Sigma book on DTP

– The account of my set visit to Babylon 5 (the preamble was written by Jeremy Morley and the files were originally hosted in his Gold Channel pages;
many of the external links have unfortunately ceased to work)

– A few tunes I've put together over time on my iPad and iMac:
Slightly Spooky Theme, which dates back to 2002;
Warp and Weft, the starting point for a track on the new Childe Rolande album Shadowfall (see below);
Landscape, which was the start of a work in a different vein and was developed using iSequence on the iPad (it's since been added to and now has had words written for it by Li Yan, a Chinese poet friend, under the name Broken, but Healing);
Benjo Blues, which I wrote in the mid-1960s and have only recently had the chance to develop using Logic Pro, which is a real musical playground for me (Benjo was the name on a pneumatic tamper being used to finish resurfacing the pavement outside my bedroom window; the double-beat rhythm reflects the sound it made);
Mister Conscience, a quirky number mostly in 18/8 that dates back to 1970 (it needs rebalancing and could do with the addition of a break);
Full of Newness, which is new and went all gospel on me after I started it (the placeholder melody line may end up as a vocal if words ever get written);
Henry Vee, the skeleton of an unwritten song about Henry V and the archers at Agincourt, which seeks to perpetuate a famous myth. A later version is longer, with more varied instrumentation and a somewhat triumphant last verse. It still awaits words; and
Lucy Variations, incidental music and bits from arranging a Childe Rolande music video, Lucy Anna Martin. There are notes on the piece on the Childe Rolande website, from where the album it's on (There Was a Time) can be obtained.

Web sites I maintain:

The Childe Rolande area
The site for St John the Divine, Merton


This is a simple site, as I'm a simple soul, but bells and whistles are provided for those who really must have them.
If you want to contact me, this is probably the right place.

Just for the fun of it, here's a link to Hunter Goatley's site. (He's probably not a relative, but who cares? You can't have too many Goatl(e)ys, in my biased opinion.)

By the way, I always complain about spam, usually via SpamCop.

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